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Power Washing

Deck Cleaning and Restoration


We can breathe new life into your tired old weather-beaten wood deck with our pressure washing service. We use a low-pressure power washer and apply a wood cleaner especially formulated for pressure washers to bring out the original color of your deck. If you wish we can also refinish the surface and bring it back to its glory days with stain or sealer depending on the specific case.



Patio, Walkways, Pool Area, Siding, Fence, Brick and Concrete Cleaning


Our knowledgeable team can wash and brighten any exterior area that has been weathered and/or is covered with algae, mold, moss and mildew. Mold and mildew are produced by fungi and are a type of vegetation that grows on surfaces such as wood. They should be treated with effective cleaners which prevent them from sprouting and growing back. We will use the best methods to make your property as beautiful as new again.

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